Transcripts of proceedings related to Ann Foster

(See also: Mary Lacey, Jr. -- Examination.)
(Mary Walcott v. Ann Foster)
Mary Walcot affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: that Ann Foster : of Andover: has afflicted her: both: before her examination: and at her examination & since: that time by biting pinching & choaking of her s'd Walcot also sayth she has:seen her s'd Foster afflict: Eliz Hubbert : at the time of her examination: by choaking & pinching of her: & #[that] she beleeved Foster is a witch: & that: she hath afflicted me & Eliz Hubbard by witchcraft #[Sept'r 13: 16] upon her oath

Sept'r 13: 1692
( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [ 1939 acquisition ])

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Ann Foster)
Eliz Hubbert. Affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: th't Ann Foster : both before: and at her examination & after hath afflicted her: she also affirmed: that she saw s'd Ann Foster or her apperition afflict Mary Walcot & Ann putnum : & she ses she verily beleeves: An Foster is a witch & that she s'd Foster: did afflict her & the above named persons by witchcraft upon her oath: Sept't 13 1692
( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [ 1939 acquisition ])
(Mary Warren v. Ann Foster)
Mary Warin affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: that she saw Ann Foster or her Apperition: afflict: Mary Wallcot & Eliz Hubbert : & she also: afflicted me s'd Warin: before the Jury of Inquest: & I veryly believe s'd Foster is a witch & th't she --
Afflicted me & the persons mentioned: by Witchcraft upon her out Sept'r 

( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [ 1939 acquisition ])
(Examinations of Ann Foster)
The Examination and Confession of Ann Foster at Salem Vilage 15 July 1692 after a while Ann foster confessed that the divill apered to her in the shape of abird at several Times, such abird as she never saw the like before, & that she had had this gift (viz of striking the aflicted downe w'th her eye ever) since, & being ask't why she thought that bird was the divill she answred because he came white and vanished away black & that the divill told her that she should have this gift & that she must beleive him & told her she should have prosperity & #[that] she said that he had apeared to her three times & was always as a bird & the last time was about halfe a year since, & sat upon atable had two legs & great eyes & that it was the second time of his apearance that he promised her prosperity & that it was Cariers wife about three weeks agoe that came & perswaded her to hurt these people.
16. July. 1692. Ann Foster Examined conffesed that it was Goody Carier that made her a witch that she came to her in person about Six yeares agoe & told her if she would not be awitch the divill should tare her in peices and Cary her away at w'ch. time she promised to Serve the divill, that she had bewitched a hog of John Lovjoyes to Death & that she had hurt Some persons in Salem Vilage that goody Carier came to her & would have her bewitch two children of Andrew Allins & that she had then two popets made and stuck pins in them to bewitch the said Children by which one of them dyed
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the other very sick, that she was at the meeting of the witches at Salem Villiage, that Goody Carier came & told her of the meeting & would have her goe, so they gat upon Sticks & went said Jorny & being ther did see mr Burroughs the minister who spake to them all, & this was about two months agoe that ther was then twenty five persons meet together, that she tyed a knot in a Rage & thre it into the fire to hurt #[a woeman at Salem Village & that she was hurt by her & that her name is Goody Vibber] Timo. Swan & that she did hurt the rest that complayned of her by squesing popets like them & so almost choaked them. --
18 July 1692. Ann Foster Examined confesed that the devill in shape of a #[black] man apeared to her w'th Goody carier about six yeare since when they made her awitch & that she promised to serve the divill two yeares: upon w'ch the Divill promised her prosperity & many things but never performed it, that she & martha Carier did both ride on a stick or pole when they went to the witch meeting at Salem Village & that the stick broak: as they ware caried in the aire above the tops of the trees & they fell but she did hang fast about the neck of Goody Carier & ware presently at the vilage, that she was then much hurt of her Leg, she further saith that she hard some of the witches say that their was three hundred & five in the whole Country, & that they would ruin that place the Vilige, also saith ther was present at that metting two men besides mr Buroughs the minister & one of them had gray haire, she saith that she formerly frequented the publique metting to worship god. but the divill had such power over her that she could not profit there & that was her undoeing: she saith that above three or foure yeares agoe Martha Carier told her she would bewitch James Hobbs child to death & the child dyed in twenty four howers
21. July: 92. Ann. Foster Examined Owned her former conffesion being Read to her and further conffesed that the discourse amongst the witches at the meeting at Salem village was that they would afflict there to set up the Divills Kingdome This conffesion is true as wittnese my hand:

The marke of Ann: Foster
Ann Foster Signed & Owned the above Examination & conffesion before me

*John Higginson Just'e peace

Salem 10th September 1692
(Reverse) Ann Fosters Examination And Conffession

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 22 )

(Indictment v. Ann Foster) 

Essex in the Province of the Massachuetts Bay in New England Anno R Rs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &ca Quarto.Anno'qe Domini 1692
The Juriors for our Sov'r Lord & Lady the King & Queen doe present that. Ann foster of Andivor In the County of Essex Widdow In & Upon the fifteenth Day of July In the year afores'd. and divers other days and times as well before as after Certaine Detestable arts called Witchcrafts and Sorceries wickedly and Mallitiously and felloniously hath used practised & Exercised at and in the Towne of Salem in the County of Essex-aforesaid in upon & against one Eliza Hobert of Salem in the County of Essex-aforesaid Single Woman by which Said wicked arts the Said Elizabeth Hobert the day & Yeare aforesaid and divers other days and times both before and after was and is Tortured aflicted Consumed Pined wasted and Tormented and also for sundry other acts of withcraft by the said Ann foster -- Comitted and done before and Since that time against the peace of o'r Sov'r. Lord and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity and the forme of the Stattute in that Case made and Provided.
(Reverse) Indictm't Agst An foster for bewitching Eliza: Hobert Billa Vera 


( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 21 )

(Examination of Ann Foster, Mary Lacey, Sr., and Mary Lacey, Jr., Second Version) 

21st July, 1692. Before Major Gidney, Mr. Hawthorne, Mr. Corwin and Capt. Higginson.
Q. Goody Foster you remember we have three times spoken with you, and do you now remember what you then confessed to us? -- You have been engaged in very great wickedness, and some have been left to hardness of heart to deny; but it seems that God will give you more favour than others, inasmuch as you relent. But your daughter here hath confessed some things that you did not tell us of. Your daughter was with you and Goody Carrier, when you did ride upon the stick. A. I did not know it. Q. How long have you known your daughter to be engaged? A. I cannot tell, nor have I any knowledge of it at all. Q. Did you see your daughter at the meeting? A. No. Q. Your daughter said she was at the witches meeting, and that you yourself stood at a distance off and did not partake at that meeting; and you said so also; give us a relation from the beginning until now. A. I know none of their names that were there, but only Goody Carrier. Q. Would you know their faces if you saw them? A. I cannot tell. Q. Where there not two companies in the field at the same time? A. I remember no more. -- Mary Warren, one of the afflicted, said that Goody Carrier's shape told her, that Goody Foster had made her daughter a witch. -- Q. Do not you acknowledge that you did so about 13 years ago? A. No, and I know no more of my daughter's being a witch than what day I shall die upon. Q. Are you willing your daughter should make a full and free confession? A. Yes. Q. Are you willing to do so too? A. Yes. Q. You cannot expect peace of conscience without a free confession. A. If I knew any thing more, I would speak it to the utmost. -- Goody Lacey, the daughter, called in, began thus; Oh mother how do you do? We have left Christ, and the devil hath gat hold of us. How shall I get rid of this evil one? I desire God to break my rocky heart that I may get the victory this time. Q. Goody Foster you cannot get rid of this snare, your heart and mouth is not open. A. I did not see the devil, I was praying to the Lord. Q. What Lord? A. To God. Q. What God do witches pray to? A. I cannot tell, the Lord help me. Q. Goody Lacey had you no discourse with your mother when riding? A. No, I think I had not a word. Q. Who rid foremost on that stick to the village? A. I suppose my mother. -- Goody Foster said, that Goody Carrier was foremost -- Q. Goody Lacey how many years ago since they were baptized? A. Three or four years ago, I suppose. Q. Who baptized them? A. The old serpent. Q. How did he do it? A. He dipped their heads in the water, saying, they were his and that he had power over them. Q. Where was this? A. At Fall's river. Q. How many were baptized that day? A. Some of the chief; I think they were six baptized. Q. Name them. A. I think they were of the higher powers. -- Mary Lacey, the grand-daughter, was brought in, and Mary Warren fell into a violent fit. Q. How dare you come in here, and bring the devil with you to afflict these poor creatures? -- Lacey laid her hand on Warren's arm, and she recovered from her fit. -- Q. You are here accused of practising witchcraft upon Goody Ballard; which way do you do it? A. I cannot tell. Where is my mother that made me a witch, and I knew it not? Q. Can you look upon that maid Mary Warren, and not hurt her? Look upon her in a friendly way. -- She, trying so to do, struck her down with her eyes. Q. Do you acknowledge now you are a witch? A. Yes. Q. How long have you been a witch? A. Not above a week. Q. Did the devil appear to you? A. Yes. Q. In what shape? A. In the shape of a horse. Q. What did he say to you? A. He bid me not to be afraid of any thing, and he would not bring me out, but he has proved a liar from the beginning. Q. When was this? A. I know not; above a week. Q. Did you set your hand to the book? A. No. Q. Did he bid you worship him? A. Yes, he bid me also afflict persons. -- You are now in the way to obtain mercy if you will confess and repent. She said, the Lord help me. Q. Do not you desire to be saved by Christ? A. Yes. -- Then you must confess freely what you know in this matter. She then proceeded. -- I was in bed and the devil came to me and bid me obey him and I should want for nothing, and he would not bring me out. Q. But how long ago? A. A Little more than a year. Q. Was that the first time? A. Yes. Q. How long was you gone from your father, when you ran away? A. Two days. Q. Where had you your food? A. At John Stone's. Q. Did the Devil appear to you then, when you was abroad? A. No, but he put such thoughts in my mind as not to obey my parents. Q. Who did the devil bid you afflict? A. Timothy Swan. Richard Carrier comes often a nights and has me to afflict persons. Q. Where do ye go? A. To Goody Ballard's sometimes. Q. How many of you were there at a time? A. Richard Carrier and his mother, and my mother and grandmother.

(Account of Abraham Foster -- Case of Ann Foster) 

The Honorable Committee now Sitting at Salem Sept. 13, 1710 Whereas my Mother Anne Foster of Andover suffered Imprisonment 21 weeks and upon her Tryall was condemned for Supposed witchcraft, upon such evidence as is now Generally thought Insufficient And died in Prison. I being well perswaded of my mothers Innocency of the Crime for which she was condemned: Humbly desire that the Attainder may be taken off --
The Account of my charges and expences for my mother During her Imprisonment is as followeth
To money which I was forced to pay the keeper before I could have the dead body of my mother to bury 2-10-0

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Money & provisions expended while she was in Prison 4-0-0
p'r *Abraham Foster the Son of the Deceased
(Reverse) Anne foster of Andover Condemned dyed in prison Confessor
( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 159 )